Soro Soke

Soro Soke is a Nigerian slang that translates to “speak up.” Literally, the project translates to: “Speak up or Park Well”; Park Well, being a common street slang used by the Nigerian Police when confronting Nigerians. It is during this confrontation that most brutalities and violation of human rights of youths happen.

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The main objective of this project is to ensure that the violation of human rights by the police department is brought to an end.

To achieve this aim, the project shall utilize a collaborative, non-confrontational partnership approach where the youths shall work together with the police to provide a safe society for all.

Our Process

The consortium shall take the following actionable steps to ensure project success and realization of the overarching project goal

Step 1

Build a formidable network of 95 youth advocates (one from each of the 95 LGAs in the South-East) committed to monitoring and tracking implementation and compliance of new police regulations in their communities. We shall train and equip these young people with the skills and tools to monitor and report their findings.

Step 2

Track reported and unreported cases of unjust detainment and rights abuses and work with support groups to engage the appropriate police authorities to ensure that justice is delivered.

Step 4

Provide effective reporting systems to report brutalities and rights violations.

Step 3

Provide support resources that youths can reach out to for help when confronted by the police.

Step 5

Educate Nigerian youths on their rights before the police – so they know when their rights are abused and how to legally and safely engage the police to avert conflict when confronted or placed under arrest.

Project Scope

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