The Youth Empowerment Solutions Project Initiative (YESP) is a youth-focused nonprofit organization founded for the purposed of building youth capacity, advocating, and promoting youth participation in democratic governance. 

We drive the development of young people through advocacy and capacity building, to participate fully in democratic governance and become drivers of social, political, and economic change.

We advocate for, develop, and implement initiatives at enhancing youth participation in democratic governance.


We advocate for, develop, and implement initiatives at enhancing youth participation in democratic governance.


Inspired Hub is a YES Project platform, designed to ensure that young women and men are equipped with the right knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate in and contribute to the consolidation and strengthening of our democracy and democratization process.


Accountability is one of the cornerstones of good governance and the hallmark of a democratic society. YES-P works with young people to promote accountability and transparency in public offices.


We teach youths around the country about human rights, thus helping them to become valuable advocates for the promotion of human dignity and tolerance. We have a team of lawyers that engage in system reform litigation that increases access to social justice.


There is a significant gap in data available for the development of young people. Accurate information and better–informed stakeholders are not only vital to the effectiveness of YES PROJECT but critical ingredients in policy formulation and implementation in youth development.


Youths are the most active segment of any society, and by implication are the major determiners of peace and stability of a nation. The degree of disorderliness and instability in any society is also determined in part by the youth. Peace is a precursor to any meaningful development. We advocate and train youths on peace, effective mediation, and conflict resolution.


Nigeria’s youthful population of over 180 million people comes with high energy, innovation, creativity, and talent. However, there is an acute shortage of decent job opportunities and entrepreneurship support. YES-P helps to create decent entrepreneurial and economic opportunities for youths.

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